After the Berlin Travel Festival

After attending the first edition of the Berlin Travel Festival, I become (again, again, again, again…) a dreamer and more addicted to travel. As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been invited to this event as a travel and cultures expert, by a media relations agency active in tourism. It wasn’t a paid partnership; I personally know them.


My top 3 at the Berlin Travel Festival

(pictures and videos are highlighted on my Instagram account)


Bud & Breakfast! What?! Yeaaaah! To sum up, it’s the Airbnb weed-friendly coming from Colorado, USA.


I had the opportunity to meet the founder and its colleague. First, I’ve been surprised by the concept. So I approached them to know How it works. Then I’ve learned a lot about this « new industry » and How it has been generating revenues in the USA.


Holidays and Entertaining camps for adults only

These initiatives have been my second nice surprise at the Berlin Travel Festival. Over a weekend, you go with your friends, colleagues or even alone to a camp just to have fun. What are you going to do there? You’ll play all the games you used to play as a kid. I still have my young and enjoyment mind so it looks amazing to me.



Being a digital nomad

Last but not least, I loved the story of a guy, who didn’t stop working, while he travelled by car. He explained How he scheduled all his appointments with clients or partners to match his ability to get an internet connection. He has a detailed shared Google calendar and a map showing his geolocation.  So the clients could book their appointment, follow his journey and be updated if he couldn’t make it.

The Berlin Travel Festival has definitely inspired me. I could only recommend to all of you, who love travelling to join the next edition.

To end I would like to thank KomLeBaobab agency and the team who have invited me to this amazing event.

I am now getting even more ready for my digital working project. I think I will start in Germany.

Travel and Have fun!


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